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All Fired Up

Nov 11, 2017

This week I speak to Janet Lowndes, anti-diet psychologist and yoga teacher. I completely ruined her Zen by sending her an article titled "the best yoga poses for weight loss." But here's the thing: YOGA IS NOTHING TO DO WITH WEIGHT LOSS! Janet is FURIOUS to witness the oppressive, appearance obsessed diet industry muscling into the beautiful, peaceful world of yoga. As we discuss, yoga is about learning to live in union with yourself, right now, WITHOUT trying to change anything. Cheapening yoga by making it a weight loss method or a way of getting 'bikini ready' is literally antithetical to the entire wisdom. Tune in for an INCREDIBLE discussion about what yoga truly is, and how it can be used as the most powerful way to truly transform yourself - not by changing your body, but by becoming more connected to exactly who you are :}