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All Fired Up

Jul 31, 2017

For our very first All Fired Up podcast, I'm chatting to the incredible Fiona Willer, dietitian, educator, and anti-diet researcher. We came across an article written in Time Magazine called "The Weight Loss Trap: Why Your Diet Isn't Working." As anti-diet health professionals we KNOW that trying to lose weight is a trap for the vast majority, so initially we were SO excited to see Time magazine admitting it! But then we read the article...and we got angry!! Because once again, the media is falling into the trap of calling weight loss a trap, and then pretending that it's not a trap in the very next breath. Fiona and I take you through why this article is mostly bulls**t, and how to protect yourself from further media bulls**t about weight science. UNTRAPPING from the weight loss trap means thinking critically and looking underneath the assumptions of weight science. Fiona talks sense about the relationship between health and weight, and dissects this constant message that the only way we can be healthy is to lose weight.