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All Fired Up

Nov 25, 2017

My guest this week is the incredible Lisa Du Breuil, a social worker who specialises in helping people who have developed addictions and eating disorders following weight loss surgery. Lisa is also very across the issue of weight bias and how this impacts everything: people's likelihood of getting surgery, the types of research questions we're asking, and even the conclusions we're drawing from research. Lisa is totally incensed about the research on weight loss surgery - because most of the research is piss poor quality. And a LOT of information is being left out. We know that many people get into trouble after their surgery, but their voices are missing from the scientific journals. Lisa's also pretty pissed about the level of information people tend to get before surgery (spoiler alert - most people are not informed about all of the risks before they have the operation). In this episode, Lisa & I dissect the long term research on weight loss surgery outcomes, and discuss what we do know...and what we don't yet know. We also talk through some of the often overlooked but serious issues people can develop after the weight loss honeymoon is over. If you or someone you love is considering this surgery, please listen to this episode first!